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MERCURY UPS 650 LINE INTERACTIVE Line Interactive Mercury UPS 650 topology includes technology that enables the UPS to interact with incoming AC voltage and correct minor voltage fluctuations without switching to battery.  This extends the life of the battery and is essential in areas where frequent power fluctuations are common.  The MercuryUPS 1550VA Maverick Line Interactive UPS  ideal for Personal Computers and Electrical Equipment.  Protects from damage, downtime, and data loss.

Key Features

  • 650VA Capacity
  • Lightning and surge protection
  • Short circuit and overload protection
  • Energy-saving function
  • Line Interactive design
  • Long-Lasting

Technical Specifications

  •  Input voltage 220VAC
  • Input frequency 50Hz
  • Input phase Single phase
  • Input socket With Fuse
  • Cold Start (0 to 100% load) Press the ON/OFF switch
  • Input range (220V) 140V-300V
  • Rating output (VA). 650VA
  • Rating output (W). 390W
  • Rating output (W). Battery mode(simulated sine wave),
  • AC mode (sine wave)
  • Power factor 0.6
  • Rating voltage 220V
  • Output range 220Vac-7%+15% ( in battery mode )
  • Rear Output Socket 2xUniversal – Battery backup
  • Transfer time TYPICAL 4-8 ms
  • Communication Interface NIL
  • Rating frequency 50Hz
  • Output Frequency Line-mode Synchronize with the Utility
  • Battery mode 50 Hz±1Hz
  • Output Frequency Line Mode Synchronize with the utility
  • Short Circuit Protection Line Mode FUSE & firmware protection
  • Battery Mode Software protection controlled by firmware
  • Overload Protection Line Mode 110%+-5% (Go to fault mode after 5 minutes)
  • 120%+-5% (Go to fault mode immediately)
  • Battery Mode 110%+-5% (Shutdown after 5 minutes)
  • 120%+-5% (Shut down immediately)
  • Rating frequency 12V/8.2AH 1x Backup Time – Typical 10mins to 18mins
    (depending on load)
  • Charge Current About 1A at normal mode
  • Over Charge Protection >14.5V +/- 0.2V stop charging
  • Weight 5.6kg +/- 0.3Kg
  • Dimension 390x 145 x 220 (mm)




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