Poolee P30 Ace 30000mah Powerbank

Battery teype. Li-polymer battery

LED Lamp

Input..micro usb dc 5v/2.0a (10w max)

Inpu..usb c 5v/2.0a(10w max)

output 1. usb a dc 5v/2.0a  (10w max)

output 2. usb a dc 5v/2.0a  (10w max)

output 3..usb a dc 5v/2.0a  (10w max)

Total output..dc 5v/2.0a (10w max)

Capacity..30000mah @ 3.7v/ 111wh


Poolee 30000mah is that products that is equipped with high quality battery, large-capacity batteries,can quickly change mobile phones or other electronics devices ,and with LED desk lamp for lighting.


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